Koh Phangan, Thailand: where dreams of soaring above turquoise waters become reality with Fly High Kiteboarding! Our idyllic tropical island sanctuary offers professional lessons to kickstart your kitesurfing journey.

At Fly High Kiteboarding, our mission is simple: ignite your passion for kitesurfing while equipping you with the skills and confidence to ride solo. By the end of your lesson, you’ll not only be grinning ear to ear, but also proudly clutching your IKO certification. This passport to global kiteboarding adventures unlocks the entire world as your playground.

Kitesurfing in Thailand - START YOUR NEW PASSION!


This discovery course welcomes both budding adventurers eager to unlock the exhilarating world of kiteboarding through foundational skills, and those who crave a day bursting with pure, sun-kissed fun.


This course sets you on the path to independent kitesurfing, equipping you with all the skills needed to ride the wind and water safely and confidently. No longer a spectator, you’ll become an active participant in this thrilling sport.


Whether you’re cruising upwind, catching air with jumps, or painting the sky with spectacular tricks and rotations. Elevate your skills to new heights, leaving beginner days behind and embracing the endless possibilities of wind and water.


We are new kitesurfing school on the map of Koh Phangan. Celebrate our opening with us!  ENJOY 10-15% DISCOUNT FOR ALL COURSES! Promotion apply to both: private and group lessons! Learn kitesurfing with us – effectively and safely with a lot of fun from the day one! 🙂

12.5% OFF FROM 4000THB

Single lesson

1 lesson 2hr

You will learn:

  • Wind theory
  • Kite setup & Safety systems
  • Kite Piloting
  • Kite Maneuvers (launching, landing, re-launching)
13% OFF FROM 11500 THB

Package 6hr lessons

3 lessons 2hr

You will learn:

  • Wind theory
  • Kite setup & Safety systems
  • Kite Piloting
  • Kite Maneuvers (launching, landing, re-launching)
  • Body-dragging
  • Waterstarts
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15% OFF FROM 14000 THB

Package 8hr lessons

4 lessons 2hr

You will learn:

  • Wind theory
  • Kite setup & Safety systems
  • Kite Piloting
  • Kite Maneuvers (launching, landing, re-launching)
  • Body-dragging
  • Waterstarts
  • Riding and edging
  • Self-rescure
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Kitesurfing Koh Phangan: Group Lessons

Double the learning, double the fun! Master kitesurfing with a buddy in our 3-hour group lessons. Learn from each other, share the thrill, and get more time on the water for the same price. It’s very often more effective way to learn kitesurfing as you can see it from both perspectives and learn from your buddy as well. Some parts of the course and theory also go faster in groups!

Share the kitesurfing stoke with your crew! Cheer each other on, share the laughter (and spills!), and make memories that last a lifetime.

Group lessons are always 3 hours instead of regular 2 and it applies to single lesson as well as every package. For example: By booking a Package of 3x Lessons with friend you both pay regular price but instead of 6 hr course you end up having 9hr together.

Get 50% more kitesurfing for the same price! Book a 3-hour group lesson (2 max) and enjoy an extra hour compared to standard lessons. That’s a 9-hour kitesurfing adventure when you book a 3-lesson package with a friend!


Best Kitesurfing Equipment

We use only the best quality kites in our kite lessons to make learning faster and easier. We use kites from Core, Cabrinha, and Flysurfer, which are known for their durability, stability, and responsiveness. These kites will help you get up and riding quickly and safe.

Mobile Kitesurfing in Koh Phangan

We don't have a fixed spot for lessons – we chase the best conditions for you. Instead of you fitting into the lesson location, we make the lesson location fit tide and wind directions, maximizing your learning and enjoyment. We are the only school in Koh Phangan that is fully mobile!


FLYHIGH instructors are certified and honed in diverse winds from sunny Italy to blustery Netherlands, Egyptian swells to Polish shores. They'll adapt to any Koh Phangan breeze, ensuring your learning voyage is safe, smooth, and takes flight in no time.

If you have other questions about kitesurfing in Thailand or Koh Phangan itself, feel free to contact us any time by clicking the icon above!

The best way to book a lesson is to contact us via WhatsApp, you can also click Whatsapp icon on the left side of this form (on the computer) or above the form (when you visit website by the smartphone). The faster you contact us the better we can plan our schedule that is heavily dependant on the wind.

All you need to bring is swimswuit and sunscream. Optionally sunglasses. Rest of equipment is provided by the school.

We teach everywhere in our beautiful Koh Phangan island. We're the only school in the island that changes the spot accordingly to tide levels and wind. That gives us more time in the water with comfortable conditions and makes your kitesurfing lessons in Koh Phangan more effective!

The main wind season starts from December to end of April/May. It's time when monsoon season switches to dry and you can experience wind from north, east and south. Second season starts in July and finishes in October. It's time where wind hits from the west / south west and it's stronger in general than during the main season because weather is more stormy and rainy.

To be able to make a lesson, wind is required. Some parts of the course require less wind than others therefore we schedule your first lessons in lighter wind. Mostly, lessons with the board require a little bit stronger conditions so we try to adapt planning to needs of our all students. Kitesurfing in Thailand is fun from the day one, so no matter at what point you going to finish your course, you can continue it later elsewhere.

Of course! You can continue your kitesurfing course in Koh Phangan or in any other place in the world thanks to the online licence you'll recieve. You will continue from the exactly same point you had finished.

You pay only for the lessons you have got. If the wind conditions won't let you finish the course, then you will get a refund for the remaining hours.

Kitesurfing in Thailand - Blog

Our Address

We’re fully mobile! We choose the spot each day depends on the wind direction and tide levels. Our most frequently used spots are: Tong Sala Beach, Baan Tai Beach, Chaloklum Beach and Haad Rin Beach